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Our People

Our People

A unique group of specialized and genuinely multicultural professionals, all at your disposal individually and collectively and we will put together a tailor made team to suit your needs

Our professionals are specialized in their main practice areas. Most of them were educated abroad while many have a strong experience with public bodies. They work together and in coordination to provide high quality of advice (legal assistant) and to meet the diverse business needs and to understand the different corporate cultures of our clients. Globally, our professionals are fluent in Arabic, English and French and we are able to provide our service in Italian as well.

A unique group of specialized and genuinely multicultural professionals, all at your disposal individually and collectively and we will put together a tailor made team to suit your needs

Algeria Team

Yannil Belbachir

Managing partner,

Yannil is the managing director and coordinates all the teams’ work since the firm (LAW FRIM) foundation.

Although Yannil has been developing a strong experience in a broad spectrum of business law, he mainly acts in public contracts, in particular, EPC contracts related to the construction and the oil and gas industries.

He works alongside with major international contractors and procurers from the negotiation stage up to the project delivery, addressing risks to time.

Yannil graduated in international law from the University of Nice and in American contracts and international legal practice from the Loyola Marymount Law School based in Los Angeles.

Yannil regularly speaks at major events worldwide including summits and international conferences on various legal subjects including those related to the oil and gas and infrastructure industries.

Languages: French, Arabic, Italian, English, Spanish and basic Portuguese.

Rodolfo Drudi

Senior partner,

Rodolfo is a founding partner and is leading the corporate and commercial team.

After a short practice in the NY based firm Pavia & Harcourt, Rodolfo joined as a lawyer at « de Capoa e Associati », based in Bologna and Tripoli, one of the first international law firms operating in Africa.

Thanks to its pioneer involvement in the earliest Joint Venture deals in Libya, Rodolfo has a strong background in the corporate and commercial transaction often with an international dimension.

He regularly advises large international companies to establish their business in loco trough corporate devices or other contractual arrangements.
He also takes a keen interest in technology matters and advises on contractual arrangements and the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Rodolfo is graduated in Civil and Commercial law from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and he is the legal advisor of the Libyan-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Rodolfo wrote several articles and publications related to the development of the legal system in emerging countries as well as the protection of IP rights in Libya, published in the famous Italian legal newspaper called « Italia Oggi ».

Language: English, Italian, basic French and Arabic

Mohammed Mendi

Attorney At Law

Mohammed is a legal and administrative education with a multidisciplinary experience allow addressing the various fields of Algerian law.

Mohammed is graduated from Algiers University Law School and registered at the bars of lawyers.

Mohammed is able to adapt the legal solutions to different situations, he accompanies customers particular or companies in their legal proceedings, he ensures them first information and advice, he intervenes also as adviser as an editor or negotiator until the representation ahead the court to defend their interests.

Languages: French, Arabic, English, and basic Spanish

Souad Beskri

Attorney At Law

 Souad is a lawyer counsel at Fares Group, graduated of legal and administrative sciences of faculty of Algiers, registered at the bars of lawyers.

Souad is specialized in commercial litigation, law, civil law, labor law …charging in various legal consultation, assistance and advice customers…

Languages: French, Arabic, English, Spanish and basic Italian,

Wissam Ramdani

Attorney At Law

 Coming from a Legal background and experience in litigation, Wissam Joined Fares Group’s legal team in 2017.

As a primary asset, Wissam is an exceptionally dedicated and reliable individual, driven by the ambition for excellence.

Graduated from Algiers University Law School and registered at the bars of lawyers of Algiers, Wissam is admitted to practice before civil and administrative Courts.

Currently, Wissam is preparing a PhD in International Business Law regarding the Investment field.”

Languages: French, Arabic and English

Libya Team

Razak Abu Dib

Finance Lawyer

Razak is our counsel on banking laws and regulations with over thirty years’ experience in the banking industry.

Thanks to his ground orientated approach and his background in the local banking usages, Razak’s commitment is to provide clients with concrete results in a variety of issues including project finance, securities, bank guarantees and international transactions.

Recent work includes acting on the restructuring of the largest international group established in Libya and on the release of multi millions bank guarantees for one of the Italian largest construction companies.

Razak was previously the chief manager of the bank accounts department before the Sahara Bank which is part of the French-based BNP Paribas group.

Language: Arabic and basic Italian

Nouarn Belgasem

Attorney At Law

Nouran advises in labour, corporate and Administrative laws. She first joined Fares Group as a trainee and after many great achievements; she is now in charge of liaising with the Public Administration.

 Deep knowledge of public procedures combined with a ground approach enable Nouran to interact before many Ministries, Banks, Tax Department and public companies. Nouran is a tenacious and versatile lawyer with a unique focus on success and a second to none ability to work in burdensome circumstances.

 She has been involved successfully in the most complex cases such as the release of multi-million bank guarantee, collective termination of labour contracts, establishment of significant Joint Ventures, registration of International Public Contracts.

Nouran is graduated in Political Sciences and Law from the Tripoli University.
Language: Arabic, English and French.

Yussef Gaddad

Attorney At Law

Yussef is the firm litigator.

Before becoming one of the most renowned solicitors before the Supreme Court, he was the chief legal counsel of the Central Bank of Libya over 30 years.

Youssef handles litigation issues related to business, including banking, construction and commercial litigation. Thanks to his strong experience, he is able to anticipate trial outcome and when alternative dispute resolutions are set aside; his aggressive representation before courts brings clients to outstanding case results.

His clients include largest Libyan banks, as well as large Libyan corporate and international companies.

Language: Arabic and basic English.

Tarek Brigh

Tax lawyer 

Tarek is our tax counsel with over fifteen years’ experience covering a broad range of tax matters.

He mainly advises in relation to the corporate tax and operations of foreign investment and he has extensive experience as a tax litigator in number of tax cases before the courts.

Tarek is graduated in accountancy from the Benghazi university and holds a PhD in finance from the Kuala Lumpur University. He is also an active member of the Libyan General Syndicate of Accountants and Editors and provides lectures to many institutes across the country.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary background, Tarek is able to provide its clients with solutions to complex issues.

Language: Arabic and English

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