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Our understanding in terms of legal services for both Libya and Algeria business legal framework are available to tackle simple to complex legal issues that come across our clients. 

We deliver customized solutions and assistance to suit your business model and operational needs in the most efficient way. 

We care about your peace of mind and put our legal expertise to find the legal solution and resolve all your business legal concerns to meet your expectations.

Contracting AREA

Our legal services

EPC Contracts and Claims

Our engineering, procurement and construction specialists defend your claims and handle your disputes and contractual issues in Algeria and Libya.

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Our investment law firm supports you in setting up your joint-ventures and support you in negotiating investments agreements in Algeria, Libya.

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Public contracts

Our expertise dealing with public contracts in Algeria and Libya to assist you during the awarding of contracts, implementation of works and litigation.

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Public tenders

You want to bid for a public tender in Algeria and Libya, our lawyers handle all the filing and requirements for you before, during and after tendering phases.

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Mediation, arbitration, dispute, resolution

Our litigators guide you in resolving your commercial disputes specific to Algerian and Libyan markets, via friendly settlment before going to judicial trial.

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Forex and exchange control regulations

Our specialists accompany you in the increase in capital, acquisition and transfer of shares, The transfer of dividends and capital gains abroad.

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Business AREAS

Our legal services

Debt collection

You have unpaid invoices in Algeria and in Libya, recover your debt via amicable settlment or judicial recovery with our specialist lawyers.

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Corporate law

Get guidance on the creation of a new company in Algeria and Libya, the choice of its legal form and management of its internal and external relationships.

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Industrial property protection

We assist you in availability checks and registration of your trademark, patent, and design in Algeria and Libya, and initiating action against conterfeiting.

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Labor and immigration law

You need legal assistance in situations of hiring, firing, regularization of foreign workers in Algeria or Libya, our labor and immigration lawyers support you.

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Regulatory compliance and Due

We assist you in develpping a compliance program in line with the Algerian and Libyan regulations, and ensuring an audit of your company management processes.

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International Trade Transactions

Our expert investment lawyers support you to develop, review and negotiate all of your international commercial contracts and needs in Algeria and Libya.

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