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A business law firm advising and defending international contractors, manufacturers and suppliers for 15 years in emerging markets including Algeria, Libya and Italy.

Presentation of our service : Public tenders

Given the specificity of each country’s tendering procedures, it is important for businesses to receive the best legal advice from experienced local professionals.

At Fares Group Law Firm we help our clients to go through the whole tendering procedure, solving any risks that may occur, making use of legal remedies and performing the contract in accordance with any applicable rules.

We provide assistance to public clients, helping them to achieve their goals through public tenders. Our lawyers handle all the filing and requirements for you before, during and after tendering phases in Algeria and Libya.

Our tendering legal services include :

  • Purchase of goods and services ;
  • Public service concession ;
  • Public-Private Partnership projects;
  • Examination of tenders and administrative contracts ;
  • Providing clarifications ;
  • Setting up legal, financial and technical tender documents,
  • Supporting in initiating administrative and judicial objections and appeals.

The lawyers at our law firm will help you set objectives, go for the best legal solutions and conduct the tender until the contract is awarded.

      Customer testimonials

      “I would highly recommend Fares Group Law Firm. Very professional people. »

      P.R. FALCO, Menarini Farmaceutica Internazionale S.r.l – Italy

      “We enjoyed working with our firm, and thank you once again for the services provided. »

      Pauline ZEMMERMAN, General Manager, KLAXIOUS – Switzerland

      “it’s important to have a liable partner. we woked with Fares Group and I am sure we will work with them again.”

      Salvatore AlOISIO, head of project management, ABB – Italy

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