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Mohammed Mendi

Attorney At Law

Mohammed is a legal and administrative education with a multidisciplinary experience allow addressing the various fields of Algerian law.

Mohammed is graduated from Algiers University Law School and registered at the bars of lawyers.

Mohammed is able to adapt the legal solutions to different situations, he accompanies customers particular or companies in their legal proceedings, he ensures them first information and advice, he intervenes also as adviser as an editor or negotiator until the representation ahead the court to defend their interests.

Languages: French, Arabic, English, and basic Spanish


" Doing business in Algeria 2019"

Provide you with an overview of the applicable legal framework in Algeria for international business transactions

One of the most deeply rooted law firms in Maghreb, Europe and in other challenging countries


Over 15 years of experience



Services provided are worth the fees, problems are resolved satisfactorily in time. We appreciate the team's positive approaches for urgent requests, which usually made at odd hours.

Jayasankar V.K

Project Manager, Ircon International

 I recommend Fares Group to companies eyes closed. Very professional people.

Ouar. H


We have been working with Fares Group for 4 years and we have witnessed their evolution over time. Their seminars are always interesting to attend to. Very professional and kind people.

Kerri. N

Senior project manager, Obermayer

Despite the hostile local environment, Fares Group delivered a timely and competent services. 

Frah. N

General Manager, Desseau

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