Engineering, procurement and construction

A business law firm advising and defending international contractors, manufacturers and suppliers for 15 years in emerging markets including Algeria, Libya and Italy.

Fares group lawyers have extensive knowledge of all legal issues related to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects.

Our specialists defend your claims and handle your litigation and contractual issues in Algeria and Libya.

Our law firm has developed a strong expertise specific to the Algerian and Libyan markets. Our lawyers excel in drafting and negotiating Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts for a wide range of clients in a various industries.

Our legal services include:

  • Defending claims for suppliers, contractors and owners ;
  • Negotiating, reviewing, analysing and drafting engineering and construction contracts accompanying all modes of implementation of projects including : 
  • Design-build contract;
  • Design-Build-Operate contract;
  • Building lease;
  • Administrative emphyteutic lease;
  • Procurement documents;
  • Transactional protocol agreements;
  • Ensuring continuous monitoring of the proposed operation, including operations prior to acceptance of the completed work;
  • Assessing and managing economic, legal and technical risks ;
  • Adapting legal solutions to avoid litigation ;
  • Defining the environmental constraints before the launch of the project ;
  • Assisting with preparing of bids in response to calls for tenders/Public-Private Partnership.

At the project implementation stage, we intervene in

  • insuranceAcquisition of the necessary official authorisations;
  • Handling the relationship with the relevant services.

Litigation linked to project implementation :

  • Litigation relating to declarations of public utility, 
  • Disputes relating to administrative authorizations, 
  • Disputes relating to liability, 
  • Claims on defective work,
  • Engineering claims,
  • Claims concerning work accidents,
  • Change order claims,
  • Costs overruns claims,
  • Bonds and liquidated damages claims,
  • Architectural or engineering wrongdoings,
  • Industrial design litigation,
  • Construction and contract litigation,
  • Tender litigation.

Insurance and liability matters :

  • Builders’ risk insurance,
  • Errors and omissions insurance,
  • Professional liability insurance,
  • Regulatory planning and municipal approvals.

Whatever your needs in this complex legal field, Fares Legal law firm will be there to meet them.

Customer testimonials

“I would highly recommend Fares Group Law Firm. Very professional people. »

P.R. FALCO, Menarini Farmaceutica Internazionale S.r.l – Italy

“We enjoyed working with our firm, and thank you once again for the services provided. »

Pauline ZEMMERMAN, General Manager, KLAXIOUS – Switzerland

“it’s important to have a liable partner. we woked with Fares Group and I am sure we will work with them again.”

Salvatore AlOISIO, head of project management, ABB – Italy

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