Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

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Intellectual and Industrial Property

Intellectual and industrial properties are extremely valuable to all sorts of businesses no matter what field or what company size. 

At Fares group law firm, we provide general legal counseling regarding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Our lawyers at Fares Group law form will assist you at every step of protecting your intellectual  property, trademarks and inventions in Algeria and Libya, and initiating actions against counterfeiting.

Our industrial property attorneys provide

  • Following-up on application and examination procedures of patents, trademarks, designs, … up to delivering to authorities.
  • Make and effect.
  • Operating agreements.
  • Co-ownership rules contracts.
  • Coexistence contract.
  • Corporate transfer contract and registration.

These registrations are essential in order to make the resulting provisions enforceable against third parties.

  • Carry out interventions against counterfeiters such as : counterfeit claims and customs seizures in order to put an end to infringements of the rights of holders.

If a friendly settlement of disputes through negotiation is preferred, legal proceedings can be initiated by our lawyers in accordance with these licensees.

Upon our ethical values, our attorneys observe the rules of professional secrecy and prohibit themselves from apparent conflicts of interest.

For this area of law we provide the following legal services.

    In the field of Trademarks and design

    • Research and analysis of preceding rights (availability), and national and international registration.
    • Follow-up on opposition and cancellation proceedings.
    • Patent and industrial property contract litigation.
    • Application and tracking of Customs processes.

    Alongside registration issues, we advise our partners in order to improve the value of their intellectual property assets by :

    • Negotiating licensing agreements ;
    • Negotiating research and development and the transfer of their rights ;
    • Acquisitions with industrial property portfolios ;
    • Trademarks pledge agreement.

    Concerning Industrial property litigation, the services we provide are the following :

    • Pre-litigation management.
    • Warnings and summons.
    • Request for finding, seizure and identification.
    • Follow-up of seizure procedures in infringement cases.
    • Action for counterfeiting patents, trademarks, and design and related legal proceedings.
    • Revocation or invalidity actions before IP offices.
    • Actions for the declaration of non-infringement.
    • Litigation relating to patent assignments or licences.
    • Assessment of damages.
    • Proceedings for invalidity or claim to ownership.
    • Negotiations and settlement agreements.

    Customer testimonials

    “I would highly recommend Fares Group Law Firm. Very professional people. »

    P.R. FALCO, Menarini Farmaceutica Internazionale S.r.l – Italy

    “We enjoyed working with our firm, and thank you once again for the services provided. »

    Pauline ZEMMERMAN, General Manager, KLAXIOUS – Switzerland

    “it’s important to have a liable partner. we woked with Fares Group and I am sure we will work with them again.”

    Salvatore AlOISIO, head of project management, ABB – Italy

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