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Welcome from Yannil Belbachir

Welcome from Yannil Belbachir

On this site, we want to show you FARES GROUP; the work we do, the unique approach we take to legal and business challenges and the spirit of our team

At Fares Group , we focus on:

Providing our clients with unique legal services with a particular focus on North African countries and emergent markets.

Bringing a creative, ground and business-aware approach to all of our work, however complex-fostering and developing our working relationships with leading law across the world.

Maintaining a sense of perspective:our clients are best served if an element of warmth and humor is in the mix.

Although uncertainties and regulatory challenges remains with commodities price fall and downturn on global financial crisis , we continue to focus on providing a positive and constructive service to our clients and to draw strength from our multi-specialism and our creative and upbeat approach to deal with novel situations.

I hope you enjoy your visit. »

Yannil Belbachir


In almost 15 years, we have created a collaborative culture where talented individuals can truly flourish and achieve great things  


Fares Group is partnership initially created in Italy in 2004 with the goal to assist medium-sized companies whose rapid growth in the North African markets required ongoing legal support. We opened our first North African office in Libya in 2007 with founders Elias Fares, Yannil Belbachir and Rodolfo Drudi among the first in the industry to recognize the importance of a local presence.

We have been privileged to advise some of the largest industrial, commercial and financial groups on the establishment of the earliest Joint Venture in Libya, drafted the first Articles of Association of new Algerian corporate forms and have taken the lead on creating many innovative structures in all core areas of our practice.

Today, we are proud to be one of the most deeply rooted law firms in Maghreb but also in Europe and in other challenging countries.

Learn and network with 


One of the most deeply rooted law firms in Maghreb, Europe and in other challenging countries


Over 15 years of experience



Contributing to the success of the world’s most innovative and leading companies   

Services provided are worth the fees, problems are resolved satisfactorily in time. We appreciate the team's positive approaches for urgent requests, which usually made at odd hours.


We have been working with Fares Group for 4 years and we have witnessed their evolution over time. Their seminars are always interesting to attend to. Very professional and kind people.


Despite the hostile local environment, Fares Group delivered a timely and competent services. 


We assist you to face your challenges in expanding
your cross border operations 

Protecting your investment, Succeeding in your business

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