Corporate law

A business law firm advising and defending international contractors, manufacturers and suppliers for 15 years in emerging markets including Algeria, Libya and Italy.

From company creation and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to bankruptcy, get strategic business counsel in Algeria or Libya.

Corporate law brings together all the rules applicable to the formation, existence and dissolution of companies. In order to exercise a commercial, industrial and business-craft activity, it is necessary to establish an undertaking. Therefore, companies must have a legal partner who not only understands the law, but also its practical implications for their business in order to thrive in today’s complex and ever-changing economic and regulatory environment, this is where our corporate lawyers intervene.

We offer corporate law services to a wide range of clients from small start-ups to multinational groups, on both regional and international levels. 

We draw on help from experienced business professionals across the globe to provide a coordinated approach in handling complex multi-jurisdictional requirements, smoothly and efficiently, making us well-placed to advise clients on properly administering their corporate records to ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements.

We have extensive experience in corporate law as our firm assists, advices and represents clients in :

  • Corporate practical, financial, and legal advantages.
  • Creation of companies.
  • Manage internal relationships with partners and managers.
  • Manage external relations with the different economic partners.
  • During the company’s business life and extinction.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Bankruptcy.

At Fares Group, our partners’ success is the top priority. We aim to assist and support the world’s leading groups, emerging startups and international organizations in their growth and development whilst avoiding unnecessary and protracted legal procedures.

Customer testimonials

“I would highly recommend Fares Group Law Firm. Very professional people. »

P.R. FALCO, Menarini Farmaceutica Internazionale S.r.l – Italy

“We enjoyed working with our firm, and thank you once again for the services provided. »

Pauline ZEMMERMAN, General Manager, KLAXIOUS – Switzerland

“it’s important to have a liable partner. we woked with Fares Group and I am sure we will work with them again.”

Salvatore AlOISIO, head of project management, ABB – Italy

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