Collect your debt

Collect your debt

To collect your unpaid invoices, our lawyers analyse your conditions, send a formal notice, and initiate a legal proceeding if the debtor still doesn’t pay.

This procedure goes without affecting your portfolio, we proceed transparently, in several steps as outlined below:

At first, we analyze your terms and conditions to verify that they comply with the jurisdictions of the courts and that they allow you to neutralize the cost of intervention of your lawyer. If changes are necessary, we adapt them.

Then, we deal with the bad debts of your business that you send to us periodically. For example, at the end of each month or each quarter depending on the number of invoices to be collected. This way makes it possible for us to centralize litigation and offer you an attractive rate.

We send a first formal notice by registered mail, email and regular mail to ensure that your client has been notified of our intervention. The formal notice of a lawyer is often sufficient to convince your debtor of the need to pay your bills. Half of the cases are dealt at this stage.

If the debtor still does not pay, we initiate legal proceedings in the competent court to obtain a judgment which will then allow us to demand the forced payment and to carry out a seizure if your debtor still does not pay you.

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