Breaking into the Algerian automotive
market: A guide to navigating the
licensing procedure for auto dealerships

In recent news, several car brands have been granted licenses to begin operations in Algeria. Fiat Algeria, JAC, and Opel have received the go-ahead to introduce their vehicles to Algerian consumers. Emin Auto, JAC’s representative, hinted that the company’s vehicles would be available in May. Geely is also preparing to enter the market soon.

• On March 19, Fiat Algeria announced the launch of its new vehicle importation initiative. Citroën, a French automobile brand of the Stellantis group, has also been
granted permission to operate in Algeria and will be represented by Elsecom.

• Volvo and Renault Trucks have recently applied for authorization to assemble trucks in Meftah, in the province of Blida, according to the Algerian Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun. The application will be examined according to the conditions set by Executive Decree 22-384 for new vehicle dealerships and by order of registration on the digital platform.

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