Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

A business law firm advising and defending international contractors, manufacturers and suppliers for 15 years in emerging markets including Algeria, Libya and Italy.

Presentation of our service : Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Companies and business owners often face legal disputes. There is a wide array of legal issues that could arise between other businesses, regulatory entities, groups or individuals. Depending on the specifics of the dispute, legal intervention may be required.

Our litigators guide you in resolving your commercial disputes specific to Algerian and Libyan markets, via friendly settlement before going to judicial trial.

With 15 years experience we have been recognised as one of the leading Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution firms in Algeria and Libya.

Our team at Fares group law firm has developed a specific expertise resolving complexe and various commercial disputes specific to Algerian and Libyan markets, in national and cross-border mandates, international arbitrations and investigations as well as enforcement actions for clients from all major business sectors, energy, infrastructure, mining and raw materials, transportation, agriculture and agro-food, and pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Our lawyers can both prevent and resolve disputes by providing clients with practical and innovative legal advice based on their strategic and business objectives. Our experience includes the full range of litigation and dispute resolution mechanisms, from negotiation, mediation, conciliation and dispute resolution, to dynamic strategies at tribunals, multi-party prosecutions and collective proceedings. 

For this, we assist in :

  • Negotiating and drafting of arbitration clauses ;
  • Selecting of arbitration rules and ad-hoc procedures in a contract;
  • Preparing the implementation of arbitration Conventions ;
  • Fit in with the Mediation clauses or conventional conciliations ;
  • Selecting and implementing pre-litigation procedure ;
  • Control over the appointment and independence of adjudicators ;
  • Implementing of judicial body prior or in parallel to arbitral proceedings for protective measures;
  • Implementing preliminary measures (experts, findings…);
  • Determining and implementing the overall litigation strategy ;
  • Choice of applicable law.

Of course, our main priority remains to find a friendly settlement of disputes as it is less costly, quick procedure and effective with a lesser interference to business.

Customer testimonials

“I would highly recommend Fares Group Law Firm. Very professional people. »

P.R. FALCO, Menarini Farmaceutica Internazionale S.r.l – Italy

“We enjoyed working with our firm, and thank you once again for the services provided. »

Pauline ZEMMERMAN, General Manager, KLAXIOUS – Switzerland

“it’s important to have a liable partner. we woked with Fares Group and I am sure we will work with them again.”

Salvatore AlOISIO, head of project management, ABB – Italy

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